Commercial Property Insurance

Keyes has “best in class” solutions for complex commercial insurance needs. Our goal is to turn insurance into a business asset, rather than just an expense.

Primary property and inventory insurance are critical to the financial health of any business. Keyes coverage will tailor property coverage to your businesses’ specific needs. Primary property and inventory cover your building and other structures on the premises, like fences, signage etc. It also covers business personal property that is part of your business, like inventory, furniture, stock and office equipment and supplies. As always, Keyes’ goal is to minimize your exposure while enhancing your coverage.

Studies have shown that a large percentage of companies that sustain a significant loss that is not covered never reopen for business. That’s why businesses need to review and evaluate their commercial property insurance and compare it to the real value of their asset. If the property is valued at more than the policy states, then it’s important to consider the purchase of excess and layered property coverage. Layered coverage is often required when a single insurer doesn’t have the capacity to provide the needed coverage amount or simply doesn’t want the entire amount of liability exposure. Layered coverage spreads the risk out over multiple insurers. The experts at Keyes can guide you through this maze and ensure you are properly protected.

If you move goods over land or water, you understand the importance of being properly protected. Real-world cargo incidents happen every day all over the country. Coverage is extremely important if you ship high-value products, which may be excluded from your basic property coverage. Let the experts at Keyes protect you so there won’t be any unpleasant surprises down the road.

Anyone that has a financial interest in a project should have builders risk. It’s the foundation for a sound risk management program. However, builders risk insurance is complex and sometimes misunderstood. Because every project is different with unique risks you need the help of an expert that understands those risks, and can provide guidance to ensure you’re properly protected.

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