Mergers and Acquisitions

Keyes Coverage can help you with the following topics concerning mergers and acquisitions: Representations & Warrantees Insurance, Contingent Liability Insurance and Tax Liability Insurance.

Representations and warranties insurance is a coverage used in mergers and acquisitions to guard against losses due to the seller’s breach of its representations in the purchase agreement. The right representations & warrantees insurance policy will help eliminate obstacles during negotiations.

During the process of a merger and acquisition, a contingent liability insurance policy will provide coverage for potential risks arising from internal corporate disputes, litigation exposures, intellectual property claims, environmental concerns and more.

A tax liability insurance policy will offer coverage for contingent tax exposures arising from past transactions, business dealings or investment strategies. The proper tax liability insurance policy will offer a smoother merger and acquisition transaction, avoid the need for seller indemnities and escrows, and offer certainty for certain tax matters.

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