Executive Compensation and Life Insurance

Keyes can develop executive life insurance programs and supplemental benefits packages for ownership & key executives, as well as longer term planning.

Many successful businesses recognize the importance of their key employees and use executive benefit plans to provide added supplemental benefits. In most cases, a cash value life insurance policy is an ideal vehicle for funding these executive compensation arrangements.

Buy-Sell agreements are key to your exit strategy. It creates a market for the business when an owner dies, becomes disabled or leaves. When structured correctly and funded with life and disability insurance a buy-sell agreement can help provide a solid start to your exit plan.

Under a cross-purchase buy-sell agreement, each business owner individually agrees to buy a part of a deceased owner’s interest.

Whether the owner is a sole proprietor or just one of many in their business, disability Buy-Out (DBO) insurance helps fund the purchase of a totally disabled business owner’s interest under a buy-sell agreement.

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