Our Data and Analytics Methodology

A uniquely strategic approach to your property and casualty and employee benefits programs.

What distinguishes Keyes Coverage from other companies is the level of service we provide, the amount of due diligence we perform and our commitment to a proven methodology.

Our three main goals are:

  • To improve your risk profile by making you more attractive to insurers, investors, lenders and clients.
  • To enhance your business's economic viability and increase the probability of survival in case of catastrophic loss.
  • To control and reduce your total cost of risk over time.

Total Risk and Insurance Management

Our enterprise-wide risk management process will:

  • Identify the risks inherent in your business.
    Insurance risks are constantly evolving and changing. New risk exposures occur all the time. Because of this, Keyes not only identifies current risk but also reaches the possibility of unforeseen future risk, allowing you to stay a step ahead of this ever-changing environment.
  • Analyze the probability and impact of that risk on your business.
    Understanding the volatility of your business guides us in many of our decisions is all part of our goal to make insurance an asset to your business, not just another expense.
  • Develop a risk control plan to avoid, prevent, mitigate, transfer, or segregate risks at optimal costs.
    We'll develop a comprehensive risk control plan with your executive management team and with input from your critical business functions like Operations, Logistics, IT, Finance and HR.

The steps:

A collaborative effort to understand the marketplace and industry-specific issues that can affect renewal terms and conditions as well as pricing. It’s also an opportunity to review any organizational changes.

Sound insurance decisions can only be made if you understand safety and mitigate potential claims by setting a standard of operation. We work with carriers that will provide you with recommendations and manuals that help you develop these standards and enhance your companies safety.

Because policy wording is imperative for continuity and consistency of coverage, we will review all existing policies on your behalf. Keyes will also do an in-depth analysis of your Total Cost of Risk, making sure you have adequate and appropriate coverage.

Just as we review your current policy wording, Keyes will do a detailed review of all quotes. This review is vital with regards to consistency in terms and conditions, as well as coverages and deductibles. Changes to quotes will ultimately be issued on the policy.

We can deduce a lot through the loss history of a specific account. Losses can show a need for specific training, a change in risk management practices, evaluation of deductible options and also create a clear picture of the financial impact of the policy throughout each loss.

When we get to the proposal, we’ve spent no less than 120 days in the marketplace obtaining the most competitive solution for your risk. We’ll present a fully transparent proposal with any final details to be worked out collaboratively.

Using the Renewal Strategy, Policy and TCOR Review and the Loss Run Analysis, we are in a strong position to understand where the risk is currently and where we intend it to be on renewal.

The proposal has been reviewed and authorization has been given to bind the insurance program with you. We’ll have binders issued with policy numbers and provide certificate holders with renewed policy information.

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